Saturday, June 23, 2018

Still Growing

We love Girandola from Louisa Harding. The yarn is self-patterning with a hint of sheen. Each ball is 200 grams with 560m (610 yards).
One ball makes Brickless. We knit the store samples on 3.75mm needles.
There are new patterns available on Ravelry for Girandola.
Adriana can be knit with long or short sleeves.
You are using two colours for the Loredana Top.
One ball should make the hat and wristlets - Isabella.
Here is our baby when she was little. I was going through pictures today and found this one. Dad had her at the vets this morning for a regular check up and they weighed her. She's at 167 lbs. and still growing. She could put on 30-40 more pounds. She takes up a bit more room in the vehicle than she used to.

Not everyone is happy with the rain we've had today but my flowers are loving it!

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Anonymous said...

We had fun at the store Friday and enjoyed checking out your gorgeous flowers. That huge lily flower was stunning!