Monday, June 11, 2018

Good Morning

I check my emails every morning the minute I wake up. It's probably a bad habit but there was good mail this morning.

Magpie - The dark sibling of Typewriter! Graphite, Magpie and Typewriter would make a beautiful fade.
Gossip - Vibrant juicy pinks, with flashes of pale blue and speckles of black, with a touch of neon yellow.
Sorbet - Blush base with speckles galore! Greens, purples, yellows and black. Fun and summery.
Deja Vu - Tonal beige base with bright blue, purple and teal speckles.
UFO - Yellow with greenish undertone, totally stunning and a firm favourite at our studio!
There are new colours coming from Hedgehog Fibres. I jumped out of bed and did an order right away. I hope that the order will be here by the middle of August.

There will be 10 colours in all. I'm saving a few for Thursday's post. I will be driving and have plans when I get to Cleveland so there won't be time to write. I will do a post ahead of time.

Now it's time to relax. I left the house at 9am for a trip to the dentist. Two fillings. YUCK. Then errands. We are hosting Father's Day on Sunday afternoon. I stopped at the store and quickly washed the floors while I was in town. I'm exhausted. A few rows on Fading Point and then bed.

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