Thursday, June 07, 2018

Congrats to Washington

Cathy was in today with some finished projects. She has been very busy!

This is the Ara Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit with 2 skeins of Hedgehog Skinny Singles. Cathy used Goblin. I tried it on and the size is perfect. Sometimes you don't want a big shawl. I have picked out so many colours that I want to work with. I'm leaning towards LITLG Singles in Barefoot.
The design process for this shawl happened very organically. Once I received the beautiful skein of AVFKW’s “Even Tinier Annapurna,” I knew I wanted to create a relaxing knit that resulted in a very easy to wear shawl. Garter stitch, polka dot eyelets and my favorite lace border combined to make this one-skein wonder one of my absolutely favorite new knits. I hope you have as much fun knitting it is I have! 
Color Affection (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit with 3 colours of Cozette - 2 skeins each.

Free Your Fade (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit with 3 colours of fingering weight.
This shawl was created to be your favorite shawl pattern! Really relaxing garter stitch with engaging eyelet rows and endless color possibilities. It would be gorgeous knit up in one color, but you can just as easily use 20! I’ve extended the color melt sections for an even more cohesive fade, with easy instructions to add as many fade sections as you would like! The shawl is light weight and perfect year round when knit up in fingering weight yarn, but don’t let that stop you from knitting it up in any yarn weight you prefer to the size of your choosing!
Cathy did an amazing job on all of them. She left the Ara Shawl for us to display in the store for a few weeks. Make sure to check it out on your next visit.
While I was outside taking pictures, Linda pulled in wearing her Dotted Rays Speckled Fade. I just started snapping pictures - I didn't really ask. It is gorgeous. Still one of my favourite patterns. Linda used Rockshelter Sock.

Linda is very petite and she says that this shawl fits her the best.
She picked out colours to make another one. She is going to start far right - Ocean Flight, Ceramic, September, Over the Sea to Skye. The pinks are Ripple and Thornberry. This is going to be phenomenal.

The hockey game just finished. Congratulations to Washington. I really wanted Vegas to win but it was great to see Ovechkin finally win the Cup. I'm going to hit Publish and get back to the TV. I love watching them skating around with the Cup.

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