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Monday, June 04, 2018

Autumn and Indigo

This was on Instagram over the weekend. All three colours will be coming in Single Sock (a single ply fingering weight). I can't wait. Claire's colours are to dye for :)

It was a day of errands. I started with a visit to Trish. Every morning for the past two weeks I have thought about cutting my own bangs. Then to the store to make sure all flowers were watered, onto the Meadowlands for gas, Harveys for a salad, Urban Barn, Walmart, Terra, Sobeys and home. I left at 9am and got home just after 4.

There are so many pretty baskets at Terra. I think that working at Terra is a lot like working in the yarn store - colour everywhere and a lot of happiness.

The fading has started into colour 4. I am on a roll and would love to keep knitting tonight. I've reconsidered because tomorrow is a work day so I'm going to put my needles down and head to bed.

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Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful yarn and flowers, two of my favorite things. ;) Yarn, flowers, (and dogs) make the world such a lovely place.