Thursday, June 14, 2018

And the winner is...

I'm on my way to Cleveland. It is a very boring drive. Cross the border at the Peace Bridge and continue on 90 all the way to Cleveland. There isn't much to see. I've made the drive many times so I know where to stop and that there can be long stretches with no where to stop for a bathroom break or gas. I play the license plate game. I could get myself in trouble for this but I have paper beside me and I write down (really it's scratches) the names of states from license plates. It keeps me awake and paying attention.

Here are the other 5 colours from Hedgehog.
Deep End - Rich ocean blues, with black and rust speckles.
Beach Bunny - Pale blue base with bright multicoloured speckles - orange, purple, green, black and more!
Anime - Pale gray base with zesty greens, pinks and oranges.
Hawk - Dark rich and moody. Black and beige with flashes of rust and teal.
Plump - Tonal mulberry/maroon colour, Beata's favourite colour at the moment!
A few days ago I asked for suggestions - what shawl would you make with two skeins of LITLG? Here is the list (all linked to Ravelry to make it easier for you to see them). Wow. There are a lot of great suggestions here. Thanks to everyone who posted.

5 Way Shawl
Branching Out
Midsummer Rose
Waiting for Rain
Be Kind
Mille Feuille
Summertime Blues
Jet Stream
Vertices Unite
Bark Lines
Stormy Sky

Congratulations to Andrea S. You have won a $25 gift certificate in the store. I asked Beth to pick a number between 1 and 22 - the total number of comments. She picked 17. I know that Andrea will put it to good use when the new colours of Hedgehog arrive :)

I am very confident that there will be great pictures to share from the trade show. I can't wait until tomorrow morning to get onto the show floor.

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