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Wednesday, November 08, 2017


I talked about Melanie Berg's new patterns yesterday and it got me thinking about my Melanie Berg shawl. Where was my shawl?? Lynn found it this morning and I'm happy because I love wearing it.

Pattern: Quicksilver (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh merino light - 3 colours - 1 skein each
Silky smooth and mercury quick, this fluid shawl swirls with color. 
Quicksilver is worked flat from tip to edge, with garter stitch stripes and a lace mesh that knits up in the blink of an eye. 
Wedges of the lace fan between the striped sections, lending the shawl a lovely slanted shape.
My shawl came out bigger than the pattern. I don't like left over yarn so Diana added more rows when she was knitting it.

We've been rearranging to make room for the Long Dog and Fuse shipments. Pashmina has a new home.

There are empty boxes when you walk in the store waiting for yarn.
Mr. UPS brought in the first box from Fuse. It only had 5 colours. More tomorrow.

These are the One of a Kind colours and they're on the website.

It's been a long day. Beth leaves for work a lot earlier than I do. This morning Roko decided he needed to bark at someone walking by the house at 6:30. Do I go back to sleep for an hour or get up? I got up and started the day. Now it's time to put my feet up and knit a few rows. It's Survivor evening.

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