Sunday, November 26, 2017

One of a Kind

Another beautiful scarf by Svetlana Gordon. Her work is stunning.

Pattern: Water Lily (purchased on Ravelry)

I'm heading to One of a Kind after work tonight. Imagine what she could charge for her finished work at the show. I would have a price tag of at least $600 on a scarf like this.
I'm home and had fun at the show. Once I got there. It took an hour and half from the store. Construction. Accidents. The drive home was 50 minutes. I was disappointed the past few years at the show but this year I found lots of things that I liked. A few things came home. Two mugs to match mugs that I already own. A very cute leather purse. Much smaller than my other purses. And then the purple hippo.

I had all this written last night and then we had technical issues. My pictures weren't uploading from my camera to my computer. My email wasn't working on my phone or iPad so I couldn't email the picture to myself. I finally shut the computer down and knit. After much playing this morning (and maybe a few bad words) it finally worked.
This was the purple hippo that I saw first. He is huge. It was a good thing that Beth wasn't with me because he might have come home with us.
These are the smaller hippos. They are very cute!
My new purse. It was made by a young couple from Toronto. Their workmanship is very good. I love the colour and the textured leather.

Our hippo. Right now he lives at the front door.

Match & Move has been put away until Friday. I'm really happy with how the colours are working.
I worked on True Colors this afternoon. I knit 8 rows and then had to rip out 8 rows. I forgot 2 rows of the pattern. That's the problem with having the pattern memorized (or so I thought). I didn't look at the pattern and was merrily knitting along. Then things didn't line up. I learned my lesson. Glance at the chart just to make sure. The Grey Cup is about to start so I'm going back to it. And I want to get this posted while we still have WiFi. It's been going in and out all day. I need to call Bell but couldn't bring myself to do it today.

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