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Monday, November 13, 2017

Jolly Wee Elves

I thought I was finished the back last night when I posted but I really wasn't. I needed to do some decrease rows first. The back is now finished, I've cast off 49 stitches and I'm working down the front.

Cathy shared a picture with me and I forgot to share it with you.
Working on my Churchmouse Jolly Wee Elves. Some still need scarves and their arm definition. They are easy to knit and you can have one done in a couple of hours.
Pattern: Jolly Wee Elf (purchased on Ravelry)
“In 2 gauges for 2 sizes.” 
These little handmade pals, created by Jennifer Evans, are perfect on the holiday mantelpiece, tree, or packages. But they’ll celebrate any season cheerfully! Originally designed for fingering-weight yarn, we love them just as much a bit bigger in DK-weight yarn . Once we started knitting them, we just couldn’t stop! 
With elves, its certainly true that the more you make, the merrier! They’ll naturally all turn out a little different, but you can make them even more various: Taller. Shorter. Plumper. Thinner. All green for St. Paddy’s day. All pink for your Valentine. All white for a snowman with a smart black hat and coal buttons. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the only limit is your imagination. Knit up a whole neighborhood of wee elves!

These are very, very cute and I think they would look amazing in Rowan Felted Tweed. I'll be purchasing the pattern tomorrow :)

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