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Saturday, November 04, 2017


'I'm at the stage of my life where I'm too hot to wear sweaters.' I hear this all the time. How about a vest?
A slightly fitted vest knit in one piece from the bottom up with armbands and collar picked up.
We knit Aileen (pattern purchased on Ravelry) in Zara from Filatura di Crosa. There are many yarns that will work for this including a few of my favourites

-tosh sport
-tosh pashmina
-Erika Knight British Blue 100
-Arranmore Light

Cathy and Sarah came for a visit today so that Sarah could pick her yarn for Veronika.

She also picked up some Magnum for a few gifts.

Sarah was wearing her newest scarf, Esjan (pattern purchased on Ravelry). It is knit with Woolstok. Three colours, two skeins each.
This top down shawl starts with easy garter stitch. Two contrasting colors are added with a giant holey lace pattern. The holes increase in size while also adding stitches to the overall semi-circular shape. The fabric is knit loosely with a worsted weight yarn resulting in a deceivingly fast large shawl.

After work Beth and I went to Dundas for the Hamilton Potters Guild Fall Show. A very little piggy bank for Beth. She has a collection. A small sheep for me. I have a collection. And then a yarn bowl. I have a collection. It was Beth's first time at the show. She was impressed by the quality of work and the payment process. They have this down to an art.

Now I need to get back to my Veronika. We gain an hour tonight so I hope to get a few rows knit.

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