Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Spring Cleaning

We have some pretty flowers sitting on the breakfast bar. Very springy. Now I want my gardens to start blooming.
Spring cleaning has continued at home. It's time to finish a few projects. I'm very close on Hale-Bopp. There are about 100 rows on this section. The good thing is that the rows are short and are getting shorter. Then I need to pick up along the bottom edge and do the lace section.
Roko had some friends visiting today. The birds hung out in field for most of the afternoon. The dogs just watched. There wasn't barking until the two geese came close. Then both dogs were at the fence. The geese just kept on their way. Walking slowly which really upset the dogs.

Now it's back to my knitting. My mission to finish projects is going well. Find Your Fade #2 is done. It's been blocked and I'll sew in the ends tomorrow. Hopefully it's nice out so that I can get pictures.

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