Friday, May 06, 2016

What a blanket

I had no clue what my post was going to be about today. I didn't do enough rows on my shawl last night to get a new picture. We didn't receive any yarn today. Then Jeff came walking through the door. Look at this amazing blanket he is crocheting. When finished it will be big enough for a king size bed.

Jeff's work is amazing. He is much more meticulous than I am. The blanket is crocheted in tosh merino dk. He is working hard to get it finished in time to enter in the Rockton World's Fair this fall. His entry last year won first prize and he wants to win it again. And after the Fair the blanket is being given to his sister.

I'm home and it's knitting time. I need to get some rows done so that I can show off my work tomorrow.


Colleen said...

Can I be Jeff's sister?

Mary said...

Wow! This is spectacular!