Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm Almost There

This is one of the very few projects that I started and worked on straight until it is finished. I haven't picked up another project. Totally monogamous. :) Yes, my fingers are itching for a different project but I'm so close.

The fence is finished. Now we need to decide on our garden. The artificial grass is on the part of the yard that slopes down towards the field. The dirt part slopes back up. That is going to be a garden. I want some pretty flowers and tall grass. 
Mom and dad had an amazing time on their cruise and enjoyed their two days in Seattle. Sunday afternoon they visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Yes, I am jealous. Chihuly's work is amazing. They wandered around for three hours. Here are a few of the pictures that mom took. They highly recommend visiting if you are in Seattle.
I think this would look awesome in our back yard :)
Hockey and baseball are on so it's time to knit. I'm almost there.

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Natural fibre girl said...

I love Dale's work. It is so amazing to see.

If you like Chihuly glass, I have a piece for sale from the early 80's, that Dale created himself.

I can post pictures of you like. Let me know.