Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Extreme Cuteness Part 2

My shawl is growing. Almost to the half way point. I better show some knitting first because I have pretty pictures later that aren't yarn related.

During my parent's last stay in Myrtle Beach they had to put their dog down. Tui was 16 and it was time. She was failing quickly. My parents without a dog isn't a pretty sight. My dad needs a dog to walk and my mom needs one to sleep with. It keeps her company during the day. So, Beth and I bought them something and surprised them. A Saint Bernard puppy. They are getting a female and her name will be Lucy. This is one of the puppies from their litter. They get to meet their little girl in 4 weeks. We asked the breeder to pick them the most loving dog. She doesn't have to be the prettiest but she needs to be laid back. Kind of a suck. She needs to get along with Roko and Melo. We want a cuddler. I know, we aren't asking for much but they are good at reading their puppies.

Why a Saint Bernard? My mom gave one to my dad as a their wedding gift. Harmony was awesome. I had one that some of you might remember from the store. Barkley was the most amazing dog. We would like Lucy to be a clone of Barkley.

They aren't very excited :) Mom already has Lucy enrolled in puppy school. Every day my dad (who knows nothing about the Internet - he can't even turn on a computer) asks if there are any new puppy pictures on 'the box'.

There is a bit of extreme jealousy today as well. My dad just called me from their Alaskan Cruise. Today they are going through Glacier Bay. It brought back great memories of my cruise. I don't have the pictures but I borrowed a few from the Holland America website.
It was 6:15am their time when he called. When Beth and I were on our cruise we were already on deck by that time. We were so excited. Our trip was before the iPhone but we did have a digital camera. We took hundreds of pictures that day. Seeing the glaciers calve was unbelievable. It's hard to describe.
He was very excited to talk but the connection wasn't great. Yesterday he helicoptered up to a glacier and went dog sledding. Beth and I did that too. He said it was awesome and he wanted to stay. We felt the same way.

Now it's time to knit. I should pass half way tonight and get to the next colour. Should is the important word. There is baseball, hockey and basketball on. I'm going to be busy changing channels.

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Diane Cooper said...

Lovely pictures! Good luck with the puppy! Such a cutie at the moment!! And thanks for the Alaska pics- we went on the HA cruise there 2 years ago, and are going back in 5 weeks and taking my mom- I had hoped that my parents would go after we were there in 2014, as I knew my folks would love it. Unfortunately my dad passed away unexpectedly not long after we got back. SO I vowed to take my mom, and that is what we are doing!! Excited to see it all again!! This time I have to decide what knitting to take (I wasn't knitting the last time!)