Friday, May 13, 2016

Awake way too early

It was another early morning. I was up at 6:30 because dad was coming over at 7. We are getting our fence today. This is fantastic news. No more snow fence. No more fear of the dogs getting out.

Unfortunately the fence guy doesn't work on my dad's hours. He didn't show up until 10am. That was a lot of missed sleep. The only good thing about that was I sat and knit.

After I wrote yesterday's post I remembered that I had a picture of my Frabjous Fibers kit before I wound the balls.

There is an internal debate going. I would love to decorate my bedroom in these colours. The bad thing about that is the new bedding I would have to purchase. Everything I have now is purple.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Lorna's Laces this afternoon. We have String Quintet kits in the colourway Harp again. This is the colour we used for our Isn't it Romantic? shawl.

I'm home from work and the fence isn't finished. It took all day just to do the posts. The weather calls for rain tomorrow which means no fence until Monday. The dogs have moved to mom and dad's for a few days. They aren't sad about that. The cookie consumption greatly increases there.

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