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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a mess

This is part of the mess I saw when I got to work this morning. Kim and I are going to spend the day getting the store back in order.
It's much later and we have the store looking like a store again. Customers can actually walk around without hitting a box. Tomorrow we need to hang the garments and get our ladies back to their proper spots.

I did a bit of knitting last night. Here is Windward. I'm on row 157. Love the colours!
And the Color Play Mohair Wrap. Yes, it is hard to write colour without the 'u' but the pattern is from the US and that is how they spell it. I'm just past 8". Right now I'm using one strand each of 359 and 204. When I reach 9" I switch to 2 strands of 204 for 9".

The great thing about the shawl is that 10 people can make it using the same colours and they will all look different. It will totally depend on how the colours come off the ball. Mine is going blue to green but yours could go green to blue.
An email came from madelinetosh last week telling me that pashmina is on the way

  • flashdance
  • amber trinket
  • smokey orchid
  • norway spruce
  • moss
  • kelp
  • dahlia
  • alizarin
  • grey garden
  • wilted rose
  • rain water
I just checked the US postal website and it has made it to Chicago. Maybe next week.

The big decision tonight is which project to work on. I'm thinking Color Play because I want to see what the next section of colour is going to look like. And it's great knitting while watching the start of the NHL playoffs. I don't have to pay too much attention to the needles and can focus on the game.

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