Saturday, April 20, 2013

We've created a monster

Shadow is done. Blocked. Ends sewn in.
Pattern: Varjo (Shadow) purchased on Ravelry
Yarn: tosh merino light - 1 skein onyx, 1 skein red robin breast
Windward is growing. While I was working last night I took a picture of my pattern. It was hard to understand the construction but the diagram helps. You are working many sections at once. Some are garter stitch, some stocking stitch and some reverse stocking stitch. Right now I have 5 sections going at once. D, E, F, G and H.
There is a really cool thing on the pattern that I didn't even notice until I was done the first section.
The rows are written out and I was following those directions. Then it said to repeat the last 4 rows 3 times. To make it easier I was writing on a stickie note. When done I noticed this cute chart that the designer made up. All your decreases and stitch counts are written out for you. The moral of the story is to pay attention!

Beth learned how to Magic Loop this week and started on her first monster. She had to learn how to cast on, knit on double pointed needles, decrease and cast off.
She's quite proud of herself. We've created a monster. She doesn't want to do anything but knit now.
Snow on April 20. Come on! Let the sun come out!

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Lois Evensen said...

What a neat looking shawl pattern. Wow, you (the collective, corporate "you") have to be stone sober to work on that one, don't you?!