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Monday, April 15, 2013


I was up early today. Very anxious to get started on my taxes. :) I had to make a quick trip to the store, post office and gas station and now I'm home.

Here are a few pictures I took while I had a friend who would model.
And then a little something I started yesterday.
Windward (a pattern I purchased on Ravelry) knit in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20.

We have stock in the store and are expecting a large shipment just before the Frolic. Yes, whatever we have left will be going with us to the show.

I'm not sure the scarf will be done for the Frolic but there will definitely be enough for everyone to see and feel how the yarn knits.
The colours are beautiful and the yarn is really, really nice to knit with.

We are out of this colour but will be getting something close in the shipment.

I said that I was going to work on Eos last night. Then I checked the weather report. It's going to be cold again next weekend so I don't think I will be wearing Eos. That gives me a bit more time so I went onto something else.

I also wanted to pay attention to The Amazing Race which meant back to Shadow. Did you see the St. Bernards? It brought back memories of Barkley. Some of you might remember her. She would be in the yard greeting you when you came to the store. I miss my friend. The brothers are going to be hard to beat. I think the only way they lose is if they make a dumb mistake. Physically they are above the other teams.

Last week we rearranged some yarns but I didn't get pictures.

Freia yarns now live in the worsted weight room. Putting them in the boxes really shows off the colours.

The undyed yarn is knit up on a knitting machine, dyed, then the knitting is ripped out and the yarn is balled.
From Tina who does all the work
  • Each multicolor ball starts & ends with the same color, making adding a new ball a breeze with less waste!
  • No sudden color breaks, no “wildlife” Our yarn is a soft, feltable, single-ply, 100% wool and is made in the USA
  • These yarns knit up at the popular 4-5 sts/inch gauges, they are interchangeable with other self-striping yarns and can easily be used in any Knitwhits (or other) patterns suggesting self-striping yarns.
  • Our yarn is carefully handpainted in small batches. 
Worsted Cotton and Skinny Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas now live at the front door.

So it's many hours later. I've been back to the store to meet Beth. She picked up boxes that I packed for the Frolic and took them to the storage unit. I need them out of the way or customers won't be able to shop. :) Then onto Staples for some supplies and home to get back to my accounting. At 4pm I put the TV on to watch Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. I'm a bit of a sports junkie and love hearing Bob's view on things. Bob wasn't on. Instead there are news updates about the Boston Marathon. Unbelievable!! My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this.

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