Friday, April 05, 2013


Berroco sent out a newsletter this morning with a great garment in Blackstone Tweed. Some of us take a long time to make anything so it's a good time to start a project and have it ready for when the cold weather hits in September/October.
This cozy accessory is worked in an easy rib stitch and combines elements from a scarf, a shawl, and a hood.
Tweed for the discerning knitter! This super soft yarn has all the rustic appeal of a classic tweed yarn but with a high dose of mohair and angora. With wear these garments will develop a soft and fuzzy halo. A joy to wear and a pleasure to knit.

Mr. UPS just came in with a box that surprised me. I had no clue who it was from and when I opened the box I thought it was meant for someone else. This was staring at me.
I was excited about popcorn but sad that I would have to return it to it's owner. Then I read the card. My friends at Lorna's Laces sent this to me.
I get to keep it. YAY!! The popcorn is really good. 

I totally forgot to write about a box that came in from Namaste this week. It arrived Wednesday morning as we were unpacking the madelinetosh and was pushed out of the way.
Devin Writstlets and Jemma Pouches.

I have all my 'stuff' (credit cards, money, keys, cell phone, medication) in a Devin Wristlet and there is still room for more. It fits inside my big purses or I can carry it when I run out and don't need a bag with me.

It's much later in the evening and I'm going to get this in just under the wire. Kind of like getting a paper handed in right at the deadline in university. I didn't leave the store until after 8 and then stopped to pick up dinner on my way home. After dinner we watched Fashion Star. That is important-kind of like research. I can justify anything. :) I finally hit the 8" mark and added in the black.
It's a bit stark right now but I'm hoping as I get more done it will calm a bit. Beth and I discussed possible colours and there aren't a lot of options with red. Grey might work. Maybe a medium brown. I'm going to still with the black for a few more sections and then reevaluate.

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