Sunday, April 07, 2013

Shadow is growing

Last night we had dinner at my parents. Their friend Bea came over and made ham, scalloped potatoes, cauliflower, peas, red cabbage, a sauce for the ham and an apple pie. We let her eat with us too. :) We have decided to hire her on full time to be the cook chef. It was awesome.

I did knit there and a bit more today.
Shadow is almost to the half way point. The first black section was 10 stitches between the wrap and turns and this one is 2. It's taking much longer to do each section.

I said that I was going to work on Eos today but that has been pushed back to tomorrow. It was a day for not thinking or reading a chart.

No Amazing Race or Celebrity Apprentice tonight. We have the baseball on right now. It might be bed time soon. Despite the nap I had this afternoon I'm still tired. And tomorrow is a big day. I'm seeing Trish to have my hair coloured and cut. Always makes for a happy day.

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Sally said...

Celebrity Apprentice was on that night. It was pretty good and Gary was as creepy/scary as ever.

Maybe you can find it on-line?