Saturday, April 06, 2013

My dad and his helper

Yesterday afternoon my dad picked up the new sign for the store. The old one blew done in a wind storm and shattered so we have been signless for a month.
I thought he needed help putting it up but he figured it out...
...back the rack truck in. He was about to hit the house but Beth got him stopped just in time. He sort of hit the railing but we aren't talking about that.
Put some 2x4s across the truck to stand on and then you don't need a ladder.

With our pretty spring flags flying. Hopefully spring will arrive in Ancaster soon.
His little helper. Tui loves Saturdays when she gets to go in the truck with dad. 
While he was here he got rid of the pile of boxes in the yard. He likes this job. Stomping on boxes to flatten them gets out all his aggression. :)

I was up early this morning and decided to knit a few rows before heading to work. The pattern is easy to do and doesn't require too much thinking or counting.

We are having dinner at my parents tonight. I hope they don't mind if I knit while I'm there. I'm on a roll.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Eos. It's only 3 weeks until the Frolic and I better get moving if I'm going to wear it. Who knows. Maybe I can get Eos and Shadow done in time. DREAMER!!


Anonymous said...

Good for your dad! He did a great job on both the sign and the boxes!!

Lois Evensen said...

What a sweet Dad you have. :) He sure knows how to get the job done. Nice sign!

Sunday greetings from Port Canaveral. Sorry I can't get in more often to visit your blog these days. Eight more weeks and we will be normal people with a normal internet connection again. ;)


Linda in Waterloo said...

Shadow looks great. Tui is such a cutie pie! Nice to have fatherly help.