Sunday, April 14, 2013

Knitting deadline is approaching

I wanted to post earlier but have been glued to the TV watching the Masters. What an exciting finish. Cabrera was my guy (since yesterday afternoon) but I wasn't upset that Scott won. 

There was a lot of knitting last night and today. There are deadlines looming and I will get my projects done!
Shadow is growing. Since the picture was taken I have finished the last red wedge and am onto the solid black section. Now I knit every row (no more short rows) until I run out of yarn.

I also picked up Eos. The sleeve is cast on, the ribbing done and now into the pattern. I have 54 rows and then the sleeve is done. It's a busy TV evening (The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice) so I hope to get lots done.

Tomorrow isn't going to be a fun day. Taxes. YUCK! But it has to be done so I need to suck it up and do it. Yes, I studied accounting and tax was my favourite thing but doing it for someone else is different than doing your own. And it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow. Maybe I can drag the laptop outside. Think about me while you are out enjoying the sun.

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