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Monday, April 08, 2013


This morning Beth and I headed out for a visit with Trish. The grey is gone for both of us. What a happy day.

I didn't know what I was going to write about today. My knitting is progressing (I did some at the hair salon) but not really enough to excite anyone.  I thought about skipping today's post but then an email came in that inspired me to sit down and write. Thank you Sue for getting me on track.

Last night I was writing a newsletter and started to research a knitting technique. I ended up at

Craftsy is a community of people who love to make things. We're learning from, inspiring and helping each other. We are dedicated to providing the best education and resources for crafters. Check out our courses in quiltingknitting and more!

We Learn.

We take online courses together from amazing instructors. We strive to be better at what we do, and to learn new techniques we haven't tried.

We Inspire.

We share our projects and take pride in what we make.

We Help.

We share suggestions, tips & tricks – helping other Craftsy members complete projects.

We Create.

We Knit. We Quilt. We Crochet. We Make Jewelry. We Sew. We Decorate. We're Creative. We're Unique.
Take a look. There are some awesome workshops for you to take. You can work at your own pace. And at whatever hour fits into your schedule. Rewind if you miss something. Send questions to the instructor. What more can you ask for?

I've signed up and downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad.

I decided to show Shadow after all. I'm past the halfway point.
I will pick up Eos again tomorrow. There is an important basketball game tonight and I need to pay attention to that.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

The Craftsy group on Rav has great tips for money saving promos as they pop up. Very helpful. Tstorm here tonight in KW. 'Hope your boys are OK and the vest does the trick.