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Friday, April 19, 2013

20 stitches short

Windward is growing. In size and addiction. I can't stop. I had to leave it at home or I would have knit all day. Find your own pattern, yarn, needles..... I'm busy :)
I've been glued to CNN this morning. Last night Beth and I flipped to CNN just before bed and saw that the police officer was killed at MIT. We were very sad for his family but just thought it was random. Then this morning I was up early (7am which is way too early) and ran to get a tea and bagel. I put CNN on the radio and things weren't good in Boston and the surrounding areas. It's almost noon and the news isn't getting any better.

The only good part of being glued to the TV is that lots of knitting was accomplished this morning.

Last night I worked on Shadow.
Small problem. I was casting off while watching Elementary. Beth was upstairs and with about 80 stitches to cast off I yelled up at her. "I'm going to run out of yarn with 20 stitches to be cast off". She gasped and asked what I was going to do. I continued and with 19 stitches left I ran out of yarn. My goal was to block it last night so I put it on a thread. I figured I would block it and then finish the cast off with leftover black from my All the Shades of Truth. Then I remembered a tail I had left when I joined in the black. Just enough.
The stitches went back on the needle and I got it cast off. Then into it's bath.

Yuzu from Soak. My kitchen spells so good. :)

And my bathroom because it spent the evening in their laid out on a piece of styrofoam. Now it is rolled up in a towel because today the crew comes in to clean the house. I will pin it out tonight and it should be dry in time to wear on Monday.

And a few pretty pictures from my front garden. I'm looking outside now and the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down sideways. Can the sun please come out??

I saw this post on Ravelry and talked with the KW Knitters' Guild. They still have room and were happy to have me post here.
Driving to Toronto sound like a hassle? Then there is the parking? The Kitchener Waterloo Knitters’ Guild have the solution – we are arranging a bus on Saturday April 27. For just $10, check out the Frolic, save yourself the hassle and maybe make a few new friends enroute.
Pick-up 1: 8:30am north-west corner of the parking lot, Waterloo Town Square 
Pick-up 2: 9:30am carpool parking lot, Morriston, Hwy 6 and 401 (south side of 401)
Return trip leaving the Frolic at 2:30pm for return to Morriston at 3:30pm, Waterloo Town Square at 4:30pm
If you would like to go please email 
with your name, email, telephone number and choice of pick-up spot. Our lovely volunteers will collect your $10 and check you off the list when you board the bus. Bring your knitting friends along. Not a guild member? Not a problem!
Admission to the Frolic is your responsibility – the organizers request exact change if at all possible.

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