Friday, January 18, 2013


Things are starting to progress on the website. Maybe I should explain. We are redoing the site. It was supposed to be done a while ago but there are always glitches. Korey has most of the glitches fixed and we are starting to move things over. I'm hoping to be able to tell you very soon that it is up and running. I spent time today adding patterns. Rowan is done and I started on Kim Hargreaves. While moving things over I'm finding out of date products that need to be removed and new products that were missed.

It might be too early to be showing this but I'm excited about the layout.

Here is the current website. There are lists of what we carry but no pictures until you click on the name. It works but websites have evolved since this was made.
Now there are pictures for everything and you can click to get more information.
There is also a search function that will let you see the newest products.

Not sure how this came about but I decided to hang the Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe.

The colours really show with the yarn hanging. I need to redo it tomorrow and put the yarn in numerical order. It is easier for you to find the colours listed in a pattern. It makes it easier for me when reordering.
I took this picture of Fifty One Shades of Truth last night before bed. I thought I was done section 5 but then I decided to add more rows. I like my shawls really, really long. Maybe tonight.

Barrett-Jackson is on the TV. This is the huge auto auction from Scottsdale Arizona. Beth and I spent a day there last year. Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach right now and dad is watching as well. When an awesome car comes across the block we call him or he calls us. I don't want to see my phone bill.


Lois Evensen said...

The new site looks very, very good! :)

Julie said...

Thanks. I'm very excited. I should be knitting but keep adding more books in the hope of getting the site up quicker.

Anne said...

The new web site looks fabulous!

I really noticed the KSH Stripe the other day in the shop with it hanging - and I love the look of the balls hung up like that!