Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Lonely Tree Shawl

I found another pattern. This one is in worsted weight yarn (bigger needles, knits quicker). Beth from Lorna's Laces knit this shawl in her new yarn Haymarket. You can see it on the Lorna's Laces Facebook page. Part of me says to wait until market and the new yarn.
If I was to start it now....tosh pashmina worsted. But maybe a tweed. Classic Elite Portland Tweed. Berroco Blackstone Tweed. Naturally Aran Tweed.
A lovely Fall weather leaves shawl knit in tweedy worsted weight yarn. A perfect edition to any autumn wardrobe. It’s a simple lace knit that would be good for intermediate level knitters who are comfortable with knitting, purling, and working yarn overs.
This is a free pattern to download on Ravelry.

When you look at notes from the designer, she talks about one more chart to make it bigger. Chart D. It took some searching but I found it on Ravelry. It is post 399 on page 16. You can also find it here.

Beth and I had dinner with our friend Bev, her husband David and her son Russ last night. Then we went to see Matt, Bev's grandson, play hockey. His team won. I didn't take any knitting home because I thought we would be home late. We were home earlier than I thought (you would think I knew how long a hockey game lasted) so I did some packing of yarn to ship out. Then what? Something got me and look what happened. The blog has been redesigned. I like the clean lines. I think it is easy to read. My one worry is the font. Did I make it too big? I think that it should be easy to read but did I go too far? The font on the right (in the boxes) is what I started with. Which is better in your opinion?

Just talked with Amanda at Lorna's Laces. Downton Abbey is being shipped to me today (I've received the shipping confirmation from USPS) and it should be here next week.

We are also getting more skeins of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I also talked with Rowan and the magazines are shipping from the US today. I should have the tracking number from UPS tomorrow and will be able to watch the boxes and find out when they are going to arrive.

Still no knitting but I'm declaring this evening to be a no work evening. I'm going to knit for hours. 


Seajaes said...

I like the bigger font

Candice said...

The updated blog is clean, clear and easy to read . . . oh, yeah . . . and as interesting as ever.

Linda in Waterloo said...

I too like the font size, but then again it may be age related (sigh).
Always great no matter what!