Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Day Before

Mr. Canada Post just walked in with four boxes. Lots of goodies to put away.

From Blue Sky Alpacas we have three new patterns for Metalico

Zelda Wrap
5 skeins
This textural and glamorous wrap cascades over your shoulders, giving the luminary appearance of liquid metal. A piece that embodies both fine taste and warmth, then combines them with a soupçon of mystery.

Frances Wrap
The scarf takes 3 skeins and the wrap takes 9 skeins
Dramatic angles and splendid intarsia inspire this provocative art deco wrap. Gasps of admiration fill the room as the eye-catching, jewel-like metallics float across your back, causing an absolute sensation.
Luxury as nature intended, Metalico utilizes naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with mulberry silk, and creates an undyed shimmering palette from gleaming whites to silvery grays and flecked golds. Colorways provided by nature, shiny braids provided by Blue Sky Alpacas!  

Daisy Wrap
This is a most fashionable crocheted wrap of etched waves and flowers, a charming piece to wear to any soirée. Keep the chill night air off your shoulders with an elaborate, but pleasantly repetitive, stitch pattern.
5, 7 or 9 skeins depending on the size

From my book supplier we received copies of Coastal Knits (it's been out of stock for a while) and a new book.
From the creative mind behind The Big Book of Knitted Monsters comes an adorable collection of 16 knitted toys, clothing articles, accessories, and nursery decorations that you'll love to knit for Baby.
  • Stitch a whole roomful of practical items--including an irresistible monster mobile, baby blankets, blocks, bookends, rattles, hats, and more
  • Find beginner-friendly patterns that make the most of your precious knitting time
  • Create useable items in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes for both boys and girls
This is WAY TOO CUTE!!! What child wouldn't want it hanging over their bed??

Addi Click sets are back in stock. The last box was from Churchmouse Yarns. More patterns.

Kim and I are doing my last minute straightening and orders. I want everything to be in order for Cathy.

It's now 4pm. There is one last thing to decide. What am I going to take with me to knit?? I have 4 balls of Liberty Wool to do the Inspira Cowl. Is this enough knitting? What if I finish it before I come home? Should I pack more yarn?

Now it's 9:30pm. My nails are done. I'm packed. Boxes to go out in the mail tomorrow are packed. My taxes are paid. I have my long distance/texting plan on my phone. Now I have to cast on my knitting. Then I will be ready for bed.

Vegas here I come.

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