Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring Rowan

Mr. UPS came in late this afternoon (didn't he know that we were waiting all day for him) with the spring Rowan. The magazines were unpacked but I didn't get to the yarn. I was too busy picking out projects that I want.

There was a magazine that I hadn't talked about yet.

Apache by Sarah Hatton knit in Summer Tweed

Kula from Lisa Richardson in Savannah. I'm showing the back as well because of the neat shaping.
Hopi from Lisa Richardson in Summer Tweed
Navajo by Sarah Hatton knit in Savannah

I talked about watching TV last night but ended up in bed early. I was really, really tired and needed a good nights sleep. It wasn't good so I should have stayed up and knit. :) I'm starting to think that the shawl might not make it. We'll see.

Tonight there is a new show on called The Taste. If it is a show about cooking  then it really doesn't count as watching TV. It sounded good as I was writing it. :) Anthony Bourdain is never afraid to speak his mind so it will make things interesting.

I'm on a mission to get lots of things moved to the new website before we launch. We're hoping for it to be up soon (I've heard that before) and then keep adding. It's been a lot like spring cleaning. Getting rid of old things that aren't needed anymore. And updating!! And then there were the things that should have been on the site but I missed.

Here is another page. And putting it up here was good because I saw that it should read Soakboxes.

Now I have a decision. Work on the website or on my HST that is due next week.

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Lois Evensen said...

Lovely new projects for Spring. I am so ready to make Spring things now....