Tuesday, January 08, 2013

She's Back

Sarah (she's in Canada until Monday) and Cathy stopped by the store this afternoon so that Sarah could pick out yarn for her Knitter's Frolic project. That's right. She will be back from England in April and will be in the booth. Her new project is cute. :) Lynn-you are going to like it.

We went out for dinner. Lots of laughs. Sarah just sent an email that they are home and she is winding some skeins into balls.

I made it through section 2 last night. There was the thought of starting number 3 but it was already 11. If I started then I would be up way past my bedtime. :)

I had Sarah put it on to model for me-much nicer to see her smiling face than a mannequin.

On Saturday I posted about a design from Churchmouse Yarns called the Shoulder Cozy. Anne stopped in Saturday afternoon to get the yarn and blogged about it yesterday. It's done. Take a look-I like it!!

Are you a student at McMaster? Or know one? There is a knitting group on campus.
The facebook group is called "McMaster Purl and Curl." We will be having our first meeting on January 10th at 5:30 in the off-campus student lounge. Our plan is to meet weekly at that time, and we will be keeping the fb group updated with any changes. 
There are a few mail orders to pack and then I'm going to start section 3. With the help of my friend Patrick Jane. I spent so much time with him that I really do think of him as a friend. :)

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life ldc said...

It is totally gorgeous done in the Cocoon and Kidsilk Haze combination.....I wore it to my knit group last night....everyone loved it!