Sunday, January 06, 2013

Section Two

Two of the hottest trends this winter are cowls/infinity scarves and fingerless gloves.

These are knit in Felted Tweed from Rowan. Both are made from Churchmouse patterns. I considered bringing some yarn home yesterday to start on the set but Fifty One Shades needs to be done in just over three weeks. This could be my airplane project though. Not too much thinking. Won't take up a lot of room in my bag.

Welted Cowl and Infinity Loop
Welted Fingerless Gloves

The football yesterday wasn't very good but I did get lots of knitting done. There was also four episodes of The Mentalist. This morning I watched two more episodes before football started. We're half way done Season Two. I better think about slowing down-on The Mentalist, not my knitting. :)
Fifty One Shades of Truth so far. I am about a third of the way through the second section. I forgot to bring home a longer cord for my addi click so getting a picture wasn't easy. The dog hair everywhere in our house didn't help. I had to sweep before thinking about laying this on the floor. It's that time of the year. Two hairy dogs. If I let it bother me I would have the broom in my hands at all times so I keep a blind eye to it most days.

I'm setting the bar high but I hope to be most of the way through Section Two before going to bed tonight. I better sign off if I have any chance.


Samantha said...

Looks great! I know what you mean about dog hair. Dozer is shedding like CRAZY so there is yellow labbiness spread everywhere. Don't even think about wearing anything fleece or black ... especially something fleece and black! LOL And to think we're planning on adding a 2nd pup to the mix!

Sandy said...

I have 3 dogs and I love my iRobot Roomba. It's the samll round computerized vacuum that runs around on it's own. Best thing for picking up more dog hair then you can ever sweep up. It goes over carpet, tile, hardwood without a hitch. I should work for them as I'm always promoting it to all my doggie friends.

Julie said...

Samantha-another puppy. Sounds like fun :)

Julie said...

Sandy-thanks. We keep looking at them but didn't know if they really work.