Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picture from Jane

Jane had to set the Jubilee throw aside to work on a sweater for a family friend. The sweater is done and now she's back at the squares. She sent this email today. I'm getting excited. We have the spot picked out where it will hang in the great room of our house.
Here is a pic of the last squares I've done. As you can see they need ends sewn in and they are obviously not blocked.  Will block when I get home.
Two more squares to do
Jane needs the Sew In Ends Fairy to visit her house. There are a few of them to sew in.

Some of you might not know what Jane is knitting. It is the Jubilee Throw, a Kaffe Fassett design. You can download the pattern on Rowan's website.
Mr/Ms Canada Post should be bringing the new Offhand Designs bags tomorrow.

The Zhivago in Romana.

The Daisy in Greyjoy
  • Comfortable handles stay on your shoulder
  • Six pockets for essentials, wine bottles, yarn, produce and so much more
  • Stands wide open on its own so you can see everything inside easily
  • Sleek, secure closure - nothing falls out
  • Available in many plush, beautiful, limited edition textiles
A picnic, a project, a party, a market bag. Functional and fanciful, Daisy can easily carry six bottles of wine, dozens of pretty apples, or about 24 skeins plus a project. Fully reversible for when you want it sleeker or carry a heavy load. 
  • 12"H x 9.5 "W x 9.5 "D
  • 24" straps
  • 6 interior pockets
  • fully reversible
  • drawstring closure
Larissa does an amazing job picking fabrics.

I'm halfway through section 6. A few more dates with Patrick and I will be done. I've been dating Patrick a lot lately-Season 3 is almost done and I need to download Season 4. I need to slow down on watching episodes because it is supposed to be my plane knitting.

And a sneak peek at the website.
A couple of things I found while playing
-the colours with the red triangles are out of stock
-when you put your cursor over the swatch the colour names comes up
-when you click on the swatch you get a larger picture which is a skein of yarn

Now I am having a debate with myself. Do I knit or do I work??

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