Monday, January 14, 2013

Orchid Thief

I'm still thinking about my airplane knitting. Another possibility is Orchid Thief by Ysolda Teague.
Three petals bloom from the centre top edge, their points organically growing into the three spines of yarn over increases. This unusual increase pattern creates the perfect shape for staying in place around your shoulders. The petals along the edge are grouped into threes, echoing the centre and forming deep scallops.
It is knit with sock yarn on 4mm needles. Dream in Color Everlasting sock maybe? Or Prism Saki? I could do it on a bit larger needle and use tosh pashmina. There are lots of possibilities.

The pattern is written out and there are charts. Everyone is happy. :)

I have copies of this in the store or you can buy on Ravelry.

Mr. Canada Post stopped by with 5 boxes. And not little, put away quickly boxes.

The first was from Fleece Artist.
Thrum Mitt kits are back in stock.

We also received 100% Blue Faced Leicester Sliver (the fleece used in thrum mitts or for needle felting) in undyed and 25 skeins that are dyed in various colours. These come in 50gram bundles.

Then there were four boxes from madelinetosh. It's going to take me a bit to get it all put away.
-merino light
-merino dk

The website is updated with the new colours. An email has also been sent off to madelinetosh to see when the next order can be started. Fingers crossed we will be getting more soon.

It's a bit later in the day and my friends at Offhand Designs just emailed me. The new fabrics are available. I did an order and it should be here soon.

Scottie in Sarah Jane

This fabric is called Tegan.

Scottie features

  • 10"H x 18 "W x 6 "D
  • 20" double straps and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 6 interior pouches and one zipper pocket
  • 13" doctor's frame
  • Tuck flap closure

Tegan Scottie with brown sides.
And the Tegan Scottie with pink sides. I couldn't decide so both are coming.

I love brown and pink. In my quilting closet I have a stash of pink and brown batiks. I even thought of changing my bedroom to pink and brown. Didn't happen but it could in the future.

Zhivago-Leela fabric
Offhand always makes the interiors as pretty as the exteriors.

Zhivago features

  • Comfortable handles stay on your shoulder
  • Two outside pockets for essentials
  • Stands wide open on its own so you can see everything inside easily
  • Sleek, secure closure - nothing falls out
  • 10.5"H x 18 "W x 8 "D
  • 20" double straps and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 6 interior pouches and one zippered pocket
  • 2 outside pockets
  • 16" doctor's frame
  • Magnetic flap closure
It's time to sign off and get some yarn put away. And some kits made. Maybe a few rows of knitting done. I have a lot to do this afternoon. Thank goodness I don't make lists for myself. I might panic that it won't get done.

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