Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspira Cowl

I'm still on my quest for the perfect airplane knitting. Five sleeps until I have to decide.

Last week Classic Elite did a blog post about the Inspira Cowl (You can download the free pattern on Ravelry). I really liked it.

Cathy liked it too. She came in last week and got some Liberty Wool (two balls each of two colours) to make it. Here it is finished. I can't remember what colours she used and I forgot to ask. :(

Thank you to Jane, Kim and Cathy for helping with the knitting content on the blog.

My knitting is sitting in a bag. We hit a small snag on the website. It's fixed now but it means that a lot of what I did last week needs to be redone. YUCK! The good thing is that it will make updating the site at a later date easier.

I'm home from work and should be entering numbers into the website but I'm not going to. My knitting is coming out. The deadline has passed and I still have a lot of knitting to do. With some luck I will be blocking by Sunday. Then it will lay out until Wednesday morning. It might come in the suitcase wrapped in plastic and then lie out in Vegas to finish drying. The ladies who clean the room are going to be wondering what is going on when towels are lying in the bathroom with my knitting on it.

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