Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Four Seasons Hats

These hats will make a great project to carry around with you.  Get a jump on your fall knitting!!

New from Tanis-these kits should be in the store any day.  The price is $40.
Each kit contains a quality colour copy of the pattern and enough of my Blue Label yarn to knit one hat. The pattern contains all four season's charts, and all colourways have enough yarn for any of the patterns. Like the Spring pattern, but want to knit it in the Autumn colourway? No problem! Select the Autumn colourway and have fun!

In Tanis' quote she mentions Blue Label yarn. This is her soft merino/nylon fingering weight yarn.


I need to choose the colour that I am going to knit up carefully.  I am afraid that Beth is going to steal it once it is off the needles.


She does need a new hat and I am getting a bit tired of looking at her wearing Fake Isle.  It has been on her head for the past three months!  I guess that means I will be letting her wear it.


I really, really like the corrugated ribbing!!  We saw a lot of it on Rowan sweaters 20 years ago but it has disappeared.

What is corrugated ribbing?  Visit


Unknown said...

I love Spring & Winter!!!

Heather said...

Must. Have. Now.