Wednesday, May 02, 2018


We're starting to get the store back in shape. It's a process because I like to move things around at the same time.

I placed an order this morning with Blue Sky Fibers and talked with them about fall. I know, the warm weather just arrived and now we're already thinking about winter. Blue Sky asked me to only share the information that they show on their Instagram feed. I'd like to share more and will as soon as I can.

I've received snippets of information from a few different suppliers. It is going to be a very good fall. I can't wait until TNNA in June when I get to see the yarns up close.

Three more rows and I get to cut off the fourth colour.
There will be two identical pieces for the shawl and the points will be in the centre.
Now the debate. Knit a few more rows and watch the start of the Vegas/San Jose hockey game or go to bed.

Wait, that is the first debate. Friday morning Beth and I are flying to Myrtle Beach. We are having a memorial service for mom there on Sunday. Dad already has a houseful of family and friends and more are arriving tomorrow and Friday. Beth and I will have some staying with us as well. Do I take Fading Point with me? This means taking lots of balls of yarn. And will there be much knitting time? But I can't travel without knitting. Do I start a new project? Yikes.

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