Sunday, May 20, 2018


Diana loaned us two shawls to display that she knit using Ambah's Columbina pattern (purchased on Ravelry).

Harlequin’s cheques dance across this alluring wrap knit in Circus Tonic Handmade’s yarn. Named after the romantic hero’s conniving mistress, Columbina begins and ends with a steady rhythm of easy garter rows, interrupted by a dramatic and entertaining crescendo of two-colour mosaic, and is embellished with a picot flourish. The perfect project for vibrant, high-contrast colours, the bias shawl comes in two sizes and is shaped only with simple increases and decreases, resulting in a spectacular and sophisticated accessory.
Both shawls are knit with SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock. The first one is a multi-colour (Windswept) and then Diana used ecru for the mosaic.

She enjoyed knitting the pattern (obviously or she wouldn't have made it twice). It's one of those patterns that you think 'This would look great with this yarn and that yarn' so you have to make it again.

For the second shawl Diana used Charcoal with a Party of Five kit - Botanica. She picked 3 of the 5 colours for the mosaic.

Mosaic knitting is perfect for beginners who are attempting colorwork for the first time. If you’ve worked stripes in two colors, you can work mosaic knitting. 
I looked up Mosaic Knitting and found a great explanation from Interweave Knits. 

Dad and Beth went a little crazy at Terra yesterday. They saw a finished basket with the palm leaves and decided that Beth could make baskets like this for our front porch. This was the picture she sent me after the first basket was finished.
All baskets are finished. By the end of the summer you won't be able to see our front door.

Dad just left - he and Lucy came for steak dinner. I'm knitting a few rows and then bed. I'm still trying to catch up from my time away. If I could stay awake longer I would because I'm back working on Fading Point and am into the second colour. Pictures tomorrow.

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Rosemary said...

Looks lovely. Nice wkrk, Beth.