Friday, May 04, 2018

On our way

We're off to the airport. Myrtle Beach here we come. I decided to take some Noro Kureyon with me and make squares for my Log Cabin Afghan. It is a great project for travelling. You only need one ball of yarn and 5mm needles to make a square.

There are many different versions on Ravelry. This is the one that I am following. You make 20 squares - one ball of Kureyon for each square.

This is Cathy's. I've shown the pictures before but they are so beautiful. I can't stop sharing them. Cathy made hers with 25 squares. I like it this size.

I have a customer who made the afghan all in the same colour. Kureyon is the original striping yarn and no two balls are exactly the same. This makes for variations in the squares. The finished afghan was beautiful.

New colours are arriving next week. My afghan might end up with more than 25 squares so that I can work these it :)




This is a great project because you can purchase the balls as you need them. If you are doing this, please make a list of what you have used so that you can make your squares different colours.

We also have kits in the store where we picked an assortment of 20 different colours. No thinking. Just cast on and go.

I'm early with my post today. We don't land in Myrtle Beach until 4pm. Then dinner and who knows what else is planned for the evening. I have a feeling that there won't be any time to sit and write.

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Pam said...

I have made two of these; both with cream instead of the black between the squares and around the outside of the afghan! Great mobile project!