Thursday, May 17, 2018


I woke up this morning to pictures from Lynn. The new Skinny Singles Potlucks are amazing! I will get them photographed and on the website over the weekend.

I’m a little tired today. The game last night was awesome.

It was so loud!

The pregame was quite a show. Try and catch it on TV tomorrow night if you can. It’s to do with the Knight slaying the jet.

These signs were out in front of a bar by the arena.

I was chuckling and many people were taking pictures.

And a bit of a purple theme. The chandelier at The Cosmpolitan.

A purple tree lives in the entrance to Aria. I need one of these!

And more purple decorations in the lobby.

My time away is coming to an end. I’m mostly packed and will be leaving for the airport in a few hours. I had a good time while I was here. I might have knit a few rows which I’m sad about but I spent a lot of time outside walking and watching. I hope that I can get some sleep on the flight. I don’t like to fly the red eye but the cost difference was huge so I booked it. If I’m feeling good I’ll be in the store around noon tomorrow.

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