Saturday, May 12, 2018

2nd Avenue

Jennifer came in today wearing her 2nd Avenue Scarf (pattern purchased on Ravelry). I know her head is cut off :) She would not agree to me showing the scarf unless I promised I wouldn't show her face. Witness protection? On the lamb? Jennifer used yarn from her stash. It looks great!
Grab your 5 favorite colors and knit along!! 2nd Avenue is a whimsical and fun wrap that’ll add just the right pop to your Spring wardrobe.
I love the scarf. How come I haven't seen it before? It is going to be my airplane knitting tomorrow. Oh yeah. Late yesterday afternoon I booked a plane ticket to Vegas. The hotel made me a very good offer. I will be home early Friday morning.
I'm going to make mine with Rockshelter Sock. I fell in love with these colours when the order arrived last week and this is the perfect project.

I'm using
Pisgah National Forest
The Gloaming
Laurel Caverns

My baby is home. She came running in the store to see us. In a year or two she can become a yarn store dog. She still has a bit too much energy. When she is older she will lie in the corner and we won't even know she's there.

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