Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Original Shift

Photo ©Andrea Mowry
I received a surprise email from Spincycle Yarns and another shipment is on the way. In this order we will receive 5 kits of the original colours that Andrea used to make her Shift.
Spincycle Yarns - Dyed in the Wool (200 yds/55 g) 
Color A - 1 skein Leith 
Color B - 1 skein The Meadows 
Color C - 1 skein The Castle
I don't know if/when we will be able to get these again. If you want this colourway, head over to the website and order the kit. We should see the order by the end of next week.

Mr. Canada Post had his arms full this morning. One of the boxes was stitch markers. We have more sheep. Part of the shipment is coming to the Knitters' Fair and the rest are staying in the store.

Cathy and Lynn were in the store with me today so that we could get everything packed.

We are mostly ready to go. There is one important box that should be coming tomorrow. Le Petit Lambswool is in a Big Brown truck travelling towards us.

Now back to my ribbing. There is a 4 row repeat and the pattern says to do it 5 times. I'm on the second time. YIKES. I hope I make it.

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