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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rainy Day in Vegas

This was the view from my window at 8am. Yuck! I had planned on doing some walking today. Probably not now.

And this was in the afternoon.

I ‘borrowed’ this picture from the Frabjous Fibers Instagram feed. The fabulous shawl is knit with one Blossom. We have great colours in stock and will let you know when this pattern is available.

I’m back in the room after touring for the afternoon and then dinner.

This was my dinner at Eataly. Prime Rib and roasted potatoes. I highly recommend eating at Eataly if you are in Vegas. The food is good. The staff are amazing. Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. If they can’t answer your questions they will find someone who can. 

The rain stopped this evening so I walked home. 

Oops - back to my hotel. Beth laughs because I say I’m home when I get back to the Mirage. It’s like home. I walk into Starbucks and they know my order. 

I have a few rows of knitting in me tonight before bed. I’m pretty much packed to come home. It’s great to get away for a few days but it’s always good to get home.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Conservatory

I started out early this morning. It’s 5pm Vegas time and I just got back. 12km so far. My first stop was The Conservatory to see the decorations for Chinese New Year.

Then I traveled onto The Park to see Eataly.

The construction of Eataly has taken awhile and I was dying to see what it looked like inside.

This is the map hanging when you walk in from the strip. I walked around a few times and there were so many amazing options for lunch.

I chose a slice of pizza. It was very good.

Everything looked so good that I might head back for dinner (probably by cab at least one way - I’m tired). When you are standing on the Vegas Strip everything looks close. Until you start walking. Then you realize how far away it is.

Dad and Beth went to see a movie tonight. I’m waiting for them to get home so I can say hi to my dad (he is hard of hearing and my room is one of the quietest places in Vegas) and then I’ll head back out.

There hasn’t been any knitting so far today. Maybe after dinner.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hello from Vegas

I had a great flight last night. Lots of knitting!

The 16th wedge is finished. Now I get to start fading in the fourth colour.
The view from my room is great. We had a sunny day today.

Vegas is getting ready for Chinese New Year. I went for a walk this afternoon through the Forum Shoppes and met this creature.

I will have a lot of pictures tomorrow after I visit The Conservatory. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

In the Loop

Sarah and her husband John stopped in this morning and brought a beautiful cowl that Cathy just finished. Thank you Cathy for letting us hang it in the store for a while. Thank you Sarah for modelling and John for taking great pictures. I think I need to hire them for all our garments 😘

The pattern is called In the Loop and it is free on Ravelry. The yarn is Rowan's new Alpaca Classic.
This pretty, graphic cowl can be worn long or doubled, revealing both sides of the striped fabric which features 2-row repeats on the outside and 2” repeats on the inside. The pattern calls for five colours of Rowan’s soft and fluffy Alpaca Classic. 
The cowl’s outer loop is knit with smaller needles than the lining. Although this seems counterintuitive, it will ensure that the whole piece is soft and stretchy and that you make the most of your yardage.
Alpaca Classic is made using a cotton net which is filled with superfine alpaca fibers, resulting in a wonderfully soft, light weight yarn you will fall in love with. 
Due to its fine weight, and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for fairisle patterns and a multitude of garments and accessories.

This was perfect timing because I hadn't planned a post for today.

I'm super early with today's post. There won't be time after work because I still need to throw my clothes in the suitcase and then we are off. I'm looking forward to a few hours on a plane watching NCIS and knitting.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Another Wall

This is Alex's Harlow Hat - another pattern from Andrea Mowry that you can purchase on Ravelry.
When I cast on this hat, my intention was to design my ideal, go-to hat pattern. A perfect jumping off point for beginner briochers to try on their newly acquired skills - this hat is great for any gender or age, and the color possibilities are infinite! We all need a dependable hat pattern right?? This is the pattern I know I can depend on for stash busting, wardrobe enhancing, or a quick gift for someone I love! 
Alex used tosh merino light with Spincycle Dyed in the Wool. The top picture has merino light as the dominant colour and the bottom picture is the Dyed in the Wool as the main colour.

Brian Smith has a new pattern that uses 2 balls of Noro Ito. He used colours 1 and 12 for his shawl.

Dad and Beth came and put up the last wall. Or so they think. My mind is still working. Lynn and I have the store looking good. We got rid of a lot of baskets that were on the floor - I didn't know we owned that many baskets.

It's time to start packing. Actually, it's laundry time. And winding yarn time. Chevron Shenanigans is coming with me. I have the pattern memorized and I am really enjoying knitting the shawl.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Alex has been busy. She just finished another shawl and it is beautiful. It still needs to be blocked but I wanted to show off her work. She is wearing a great hat that I will talk about tomorrow.
Alex used four colours of Qing and two colours of Long Dog Singles.

The shawl is called Textures Unite (pattern purchased on Ravelry) and Alex knit the small size.
Select six colors of fingering weight yarn to knit this modular geometric shawl. Each section features a different texture including two-color brioche ribbing, slipped stitches, honeycomb cables, and garter stitch. The seamless fabric is constructed by picking up stitches and knitting the sections together. A final I-cord bind off unites all the textures together.
©Stephen West
All the Spincycle Dyed in the Wool has been added to the website.
This is Alex's The Shift.
This cowl is the perfect all-the-time accessory! And the answer for all of those knitters out there who love to knit shawls, but have a hard time styling them. A fun and engaging knit with shifting colors, that looks like an asymmetrical triangle shawl, and it only takes a fiddle-free second to throw it on as the finish to every outfit!
I made up a few combinations before leaving the store. I went for softer colours. I'll take pictures of some of Alex's kits tomorrow. She went in a totally different direction.
Summer Love
Deep Bump
Verba Volant
Dead Reckoning
Dyed In The Wool represents the fulfillment of our desire, here at Spincycle headquarters, to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. We found the perfect partners at a mill on Camano Island: a mother-daughter team who are meticulous and skilled and lovely! 
Through our collaboration, we are able to produce a yarn that maintains the color artistry of our original handspun product. Because we dye the fiber before it's spun, colors meet and part ways in stunning, unique combinations; the overall effect is of a balanced, seamless whole.
No two skeins are the same. There will always be a slight variation. From shipment to shipment the colours can be different as well. You can make two Shifts using the same colours and they will look totally different.
©Andrea Mowry
You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Make sure you are following Andrea Mowry on Instagram. She is giving a discount on one pattern every day in January. The Shift hasn't had a discount yet so it could be coming.
©Andrea Mowry
I am going to be away a few days next week. I'm running away to Vegas on Saturday night and will be back in the store on Thursday. I wanted to go to Myrtle Beach but the direct flights from Niagara Falls haven't started yet. I could fly from Buffalo but I have to stop and change planes in Charlotte. It takes longer and is more expensive than flying to Vegas. I'll go to Myrtle Beach in March when dad is there.

Now it's bed time. I've been in the store very early this week and it's catching up with me.