Saturday, October 06, 2018

Sneak Peek

Lynda was busy getting us samples ready for Woodstock. I had her knit two Two-Point Cowls. The pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns. You can purchase it online and we have copies in the store.
“Snuggle up right quick!” Inspired by our ever-popular Easy Folded Poncho, this scaled-down version is totally seamless and slips easily over the shoulders. The simple shape makes it easy to re-yarn in another gauge. Just swatch for a softly draping fabric, then multiply the schematic dimensions by your stitch gauge—the math is easy!

Plush, chunky-weight Rowan Brushed Fleece yields a wonderfully cozy cowl. A knitterly version of the Northwest’s ubiquitous polar fleece, it’s a super-soft blend of extra fine merino and baby alpaca. Warm and insulating but remarkably light, Brushed Fleece has a rustic charm and a range of natural colors. Plus, all that plump fluff means you’ll be snuggled up in your cowl in no time! 
For this version we used Rowan's new Cosy Merino. The name is very fitting.

A boucle type yarn lending itself perfectly to textured stitches. This super luxury wool is blended with Cashmere and Yak making it a fantastic choice for your winter accessories.Not only is the yarn beautifully soft, the natural qualities of Yak and Cashmere offer less static, meaning it’s less likely to cling to your body or other clothes while providing lightweight insulating warmth. 
The Cowl is easy to make - this is what it looks like lying on the floor.

Lynda used the Vanilla Latte pattern (free on Ravelry) to make socks using a Uneek Sock kit.
These are vanilla socks with just a tiny kick of caffeine like the coffee milk my grandmother treated me with when I visited her. 
In a way this is a sock recipe. Included are directions for knitting with 56, 64, and 72 stitches. You choose your favorite cuff ribbing, then choose between three heel flap variations, and two different toes. 
The pattern stitch itself is super simple - actually easier than ribbing since alternate rounds are just knit. The resulting pattern is wide columns of stockinette with narrow columns of garter stitch. Easy peasy! Socks knit in solid or semi-solid yarn are simple and elegant, yet this pattern also is perfect for a striped or highly variegated yarn. Again, it’s your choice!
The sock kit has two 50 gram balls that are identical so your socks will match.

A sneak peek. They will be arriving just in time for Woodstock. This colour wasn't available when I did my order - there are 4 other colours coming now and the pink will be coming at the end of the month.


Sally said...

Julie, may I ask how much those knitting cases/purses/cool looking things to carry yarn in, are?

Julie said...

The cases will be around $100. I'm just waiting for them to clear customs to get the final pricing.