Sunday, October 28, 2018

More Mini Skeins

Cathy used a new Mini Skein 8 Pack and a skein of Mary-Ann to make Lamina (pattern purchased on Ravelry). She had enough yarn to add a few extra pattern repeats.

Let Lamina Wrap be a strata formation of all your oddment end balls in your stash, revealing the past in the form of projects knit and loved. Also perfect for mini skeins and unicorn tails.  
Alternately Lamina can also be worked in a single colour, gradient or full skeins of your favourite colour and contrast – so many possibilities. 
Lamina includes both written and charted instructions for the lace.
When 5 Mini-skeins just aren't enough, we now have a selection of 8-Packs for all your larger or mix-and-match project needs!
Mary Ann sock: 118 yards per 1 oz. skein, 944 yards total 

I used 2 Cheshire Cat mini skein kits and 2 skeins of Cheshire Cat to make Lamina.
I like Cathy's random stripes. I might need to revisit the pattern. It was fun to knit. Ambah writes a great pattern that is easy to follow.
My first sleeve is finished and I'm knitting the cuff on the second one.
We still have irises in the back yard. It's hard to believe with the cold weather. We woke up to a bit of snow on our cars this morning.

The baseball game is about to start and I need to get back to my cardigan. My goal is to be working on the yoke by the end of the week.

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Unknown said...

Are you enjoying the World Series this year? I guess you may be a Boston fan because when you are in Myrtle Beach you’re not far from the SOX.
Game three was amazing. I always record the games so I can skip through commercials. It took me two days to watch the llllooooonnnnnggg ball game.