Monday, October 15, 2018

Another Comfort Fade

I'm knitting this one a bit differently. The armholes are too deep on my first Cardi. I could do the math and change the shaping but I'm taking a different approach. This time I'm knitting from the bottom up. I will knit the body and the sleeves and then join them for the yoke. Then I'll know how many stitches I need to decrease and the number of rows. A bit of math (I like math) and I'll like the fit a bit better.

I have four hours on a plane tonight and then four on Thursday. I should be able to get a lot of the body knit. Yup. Vegas called me and asked me to come visit.

A shipment arrived this morning from Hedgehog. There is one new Potluck in Sock (above) and three in Skinny Singles.

They're on the website. Now I need to sign off and pack my suitcase. There will be pictures from Vegas.

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