Tuesday, May 15, 2018


So yesterday I wrote about my mom and technology and now I’m having a small problem. I brought my iPad with me and blogging is a bit different on the iPad compared to my computer at home. I can’t publish comments. For those who have left comments, I have read them and they will show up on Friday. Thank you very much and Carolyn - any time you have extra pie you can drop one off at the store :)

My flight was great. This trip I’m trying a new hotel. The Park MGM. It is going through renovations and will be great when it’s complete. The rooms are done and are very nice. 

I took this picture when I got to the room last night. The window overlooks the pool. I’m sitting on the bench right now and it’s very comfortable. The perfect place for knitting.

2nd Avenue grew a bit today. It is the perfect knitting if you are traveling.

I sat in The Park and watched two periods of the hockey game. The game started just after 5pm here. It was hot and sunny. There were three different areas with TVs set up. Vegas loves their hockey.

The sculpture is very lifelike. The attention to detail is amazing. CBC showed it during a hockey game early in the playoffs.

I tried to get most post finished before 9pm (midnight at home) but I went out for a walk. 2km there and 2km back to get ice cream. It was good and worth the walk :)

I have more pictures but I’m saving them for tomorrow. I didn’t get much sleep last night (I didn’t arrive at the hotel until almost midnight) and I’m tired. A few rows on 2nd Avenue and then into my very comfortable bed.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely place to be! And, of course, a great travel knitting project.