Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Rearranging for a different look

I love my Bambara Wrap from Ambah O'Brien. It was fun to knit and I would definitely make another one.
Bambara is a generously-sized wrap, knit on the bias with simple shaping and alternating sections of lace and garter. The colours and patterns weave together like the layers of a melody, calling to mind the iconic sound of The Cure’s A Forest. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with colour – use a 3-skein gradient with a coordinating contrast colour, mix speckles and solids in 4 different colours for a fun, bold look, or keep it subtle with neutral solids.
The store sample (above) and my shawl (below) were both knit following Ambah's colour suggestion.
The sample uses a 3 colour speckle gradient with a brighter colour “pop”. C1 is the colour “pop”, C2 is the darkest of the gradient trio, C3 is the lightest colour and C4 is the middle shade of the gradient trio. 

A customer (Connie) was in yesterday and mentioned that she saw one on Ravelry that was knit as a fade. Take a look. I really like the effect.

Speaking of Fade
The colour sequence is backwards for the triangles. You start with 5 (the last colour on the pieces) and then go to 4, 3, 2 and 1. I have just joined in 4.

Connie wanted a Fading Point kit for a friend but she didn't want the centre to be light like Joji's.

To look like Joji's you would do the colours in this order. This is one of the new kits from Mrs. Crosby.
By rearranging the colours you will end up with a totally different look but that isn't a bad thing. I used this finished Fading Point as my inspiration.

You can see many more Fading Point shawls on Instagram. Type #fadingpoint into the search box.

Dad and Lucy came for dinner and to watch the hockey game. I couldn't find Lucy and started upstairs to see what she was into. She was very comfortable. This is a great spot because you can see out the front window and bark at people walking by.
She was all over Beth. 

The outcome of the hockey game was not what we wanted to see. Hopefully Saturday night is better. I'm on a roll with my knitting so we're going to watch a bit more TV. I won't be happy about that tomorrow but it's the price I'm willing to pay.

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Lucy seems to be a very sweet dog. We really enjoy pictures of the family pets.