Saturday, May 26, 2018

Perfectly matching striped socks

Look what we found. Skeins of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single. This is the original version of the yarn that was made and dyed in Canada. These are all One Of A Kinds.
75% superwash merino
15% cashmere
10% silk
393 m / 430 yards in a 100gram skein

There is a new sock yarn coming from Urth Yarns. We should see it by mid-June.

The packaging is cute!
These are for the person who likes bright colours socks.

I meant to bring Fading Point with me this morning to try out the new clothesline. I was rushing and it didn't hit me until I got here. I wanted to hang something and get pictures so here is my first Find Your Fade that I knit in Hedgehog Sock.
Why was I rushing? Dad had a truck full of flowers for me. We went to Terra after dinner last night.

Beth came too and potted my window box and big planter.

There was one small problem. We bought too many plants for the big planter. Now Beth is going to use them to make more planters for home. But we don't have enough flowers so we need to go buy more. I think this might become a never ending cycle. Too many and then not enough.

It reminds me of my dad making pancakes. He makes them from a mix where you add water. He won't measure. Just pours in water. Then it's too runny so more mix. Too thick. This keeps going until there is enough to feed 30 people. We don't let him make pancakes very often :)

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