Saturday, May 05, 2018


Happy Saturday. We are golfing at noon at an amazing golf course called The Heritage. It is an hour drive from our house. After golf we will have dinner and then games night. Have you been to Camp? Then you know the fun that Beth can come up with. We are entertaining 13 adults who can sometimes be described as children :) I hope the neighbours are ready for the noise.

I had an inkling before I left that there would be no time to blog today so I'm actually writing this on Thursday.

The new Noro Magazine is on it's way to the store. I think we will see it on Wednesday or Thursday.

There are 18 designs in this issue.


Clever construction sets Jacqueline van Dillen’s pullover apart. The left front and left back are made in one piece, as are the right front and right back, and then seamed down the center. Each piece sports a different stripe pattern—in Kumo colorway #3 (sky blue) and #14 (sage green)—so the two-row chevron patterns of the main body do not match in the center. Contributing to an easy, comfy fit are drop-shoulder sleeves worked stockinette in colorway #3.
This sumptuous blanket, designed by Rosemary Drysdale using Silk Garden, begins with just one triangle, from which ensuing triangles are picked up and knit to become squares—and, eventually, seven long strips that are seamed together. The reds and rusts of colorway #84 are an earthy background for the vibrant pops of deep blue and purple provided by colorway #432. The blanket is finished with a crocheted edging.
Mari Lynn Patrick’s oversized tunic-length top is a marriage of two soft colorways—Kumo #6 and #9—and two stitch patterns, a sheer yet structured rib for the lower portion and a delicate textured knot stitch for the top. Deep side slits enhance the tunic’s casual air; ribbing at the deep V neckline and self-trimmed armholes use short rows to accommodate the row-gauge difference.
Large eyelets created by double yarn overs peek out from beneath a textured chevron pattern in this generously sized shawl designed by Caroline Dick. Garter-stitch borders keep the edges flat. At a width of 22”/56cm, a beautiful stripe pattern emerges in the coral, pink, gold and lichen shades of Mirai colorway #23.
The sunset hues of Kumo colorways #17 and #15 perfectly complement the stranded- colorwork scallop-pattern stripe of Carolyn Noyes’s collared tank. Four rows of reverse stockinette keep the lower edge from curling; the rest of the body is stockinette. The collar is knit separately in a long strip on the diagonal, with two center increases worked on knit rows and a decrease at each side on purl rows. The collar is then attached to the top, folded in half and sewn down to create a double-faced fabric.
 If I can find a few minutes to myself then I will share pictures from Myrtle Beach.

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