Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Happy Tuesday

The new Fading Points from Mrs. Crosby will be arriving on Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait to see them. The colours look great. Diana is on stand by to knit one for the store. 

I mentioned problems blogging while I’m away. I thought I made the pictures in yesterday’s post small enough to fit properly. Nope. I can’t fix them until I get home. I hope I do better today.

The Conversatory hasn’t changed since I was here last but it is so amazing that I’m sharing a few pictures.

There is a big hockey game in Vegas tomorrow night. Beth adopted the Knights as her team the minute it was announced that Vegas was getting a team. We came to our first game in December and I’ve been 2 more times. 

I bought Beth this shirt yesterday. I laid it on a bench outside the store so she could see it. I love the beard!

Beth sent an update from work this morning. Lucy and Sammy (same parents as Roko, one litter before him) are more than happy to be in dad’s office. Roko not so much. He wants out!

Someone went for a car ride this evening. The crew were driving through dad’s survey and all the neighbours came running to see Lucy in the car. It’s a great picture except for the finger in the corner. :) I heard that there is a bit of dog hair in my car now. Dad told Beth to drive home very fast so that it would fly out. 

I’m finishing my post today before I head out. I’m going to Virgil’s for Barbecue. It is very good.

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