Friday, May 25, 2018

Another Modified Fading Point

Ambah has a new pattern. Of course I love it - she used purple. Make sure you sign up for Ambah's newsletter and you will receive a discount code for the pattern.

Purchase the pattern for Jacinta on Ravelry.
Jacinta means “beautiful” and its colour changes resemble the spring-blooming hyacinths that are lush with fragrance.  
Designed for a six-colour gradient set from Sunshine Yarns, my sample is washable and delightfully soft. The all-over textured lace pattern is perfect for speckles, gradients, or solids, and the resulting asymmetrical triangle is easily adapted for more or less length. Completely reversible, Jacinta is a perfect, uncomplicated accessory that will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe from autumn to spring.
This would be a great project for using leftovers from other shawls. You need approximately 686m of fingering weight yarn. Ambah used 6 colours and each skein was approximately 115m. You might have leftovers from Find Your Fade or Fading Point that would work great.

Sometimes I have a good idea.

We made a clothesline to hang shawls for our booth at the Frolic. Why don't I make one at the store? This will make it a lot easier for showing our work. It came in handy when Elizabeth visited today with her Fading Point. What a beautiful colour combination.
You might notice something interesting about Elizabeth's shawl. She made the same omission that Diana made. Elizabeth missed the 16 rows of garter stitch between the fade and the lace. She thought that her shawl was smaller than it should be and then she read my blog post about Diana's shawl. Yes, it was smaller and now she knew why.
It was another beautiful day here in Ancaster. My hostas are growing like crazy. I think they are bigger every time I go outside. The other plants are growing as well. I can't wait for flowers. I hope it stays like this until September.

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