Thursday, May 03, 2018

Airplane Scarf

At the Frolic I got talking to a customer who has made the Airplane Scarf. She mentioned something about single stranding the yarn. What??? I'm double stranding mine. I didn't even read the pattern. Just cast on and went. Boy am I dumb. It's not the Airplane Scarf anymore. It is the Ombre Cowl Hood.

I could rip it out and start again but I'm over half way through the yarn and taking out mohair isn't fun. And I don't like to rip out. It is going for a small time out. Every time I look at it I am mad at myself.  I kept wondering how mine was going to be as long as the one in the picture.

This is the Ombre Cowl Hood that I knit in Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe a few winters ago. It's great and keeps you really warm. Just wasn't my plan. (It is also great airplane knitting :))

They're finally here!
DMC Hug This! is a super-soft and fluffy plush toy that hugs a plump skein of variegated yarn just right for knitting a blanket. When you finish the blanket, roll it up and tuck into the toy’s open arms for a special gift. Includes plush toy and variegated yarn.

The store is in order. The website has been updated. Lynn and Cathy have their lists. Orders were placed. We made up a few more Fading Point kits. They have been added to the website.

I think we're ready to go. Most of what we need is already in Myrtle Beach. And if it isn't then we'll go shopping.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Love the Hug This. What is: yarn composition and price? Are they on the website? I tried to find them but no success.

Julie said...

Hi Peggy
The kits are $26. The yarn is 100% acrylic. They aren't on the website-I didn't have time to get them up.